The high-speed door is an industrial door that integrates many functions. Such as heat preservation, insect proof, wind proof, dust proof, sound insulation and odor proof. Most of them installed in food, chemical, textile, electronics, supermarkets, refrigeration, logistics, and other places that require high-performance logistics. Some larger enterprises will install high speed doors. One is to improve the production quality of products, and the other is to improve the overall image of the company. So how does such a good product achieve the coexistence of technology and energy saving?

The difference between the high-speed door and the ordinary industrial door is that it is more intelligent. Such as bluetooth, geomagnetic, IC card, radar, remote control and other configurations can make the high-speed door open automatically. This intelligent control system is constantly being updated. Nowadays, the new generation of intelligent control system can also realize intelligent functions such as remote computer control switch, WiFi control switch, and AGV car linkage work.

As all countries in the world attach importance to environmental protection work. The fast door will definitely adapt to the times and develop in the direction of green environmental protection. The energy saving of high-speed doors is reflected in two aspects. On the one hand, the products use environmentally friendly and low-carbon raw materials. On the other hand, the high-speed door can save the energy consumption of the workshop during the production process.

SEPPES has many years of manufacturing experience in the field of industrial equipment. We have the authoritative CE certificate of the EU member states-Czech Republic. Regarding product quality, our production standards are certified by the international authority SGS. Our cooperation projects are all over the world. Many Fortune 500 companies choose to use our products. Our products cover many fields such as food manufacturing, cold chain storage, electronic technology and so on. Many of our overseas distributors also provide high-quality services to global customers.

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