Customers who often visit the car 4S shop should have seen the exterior doors of the exhibition hall, which looks high-end and atmospheric, and can also see indoor exhibits. In fact, this kind of door is not an ordinary door, it is a kind of industrial door – sliding door. This kind of door is often used as an exhibition hall door because of its great appearance, light permeability and good lighting effect. Suzhou Seppes Door Industry once did such a transparent and smooth lift door for Mercedes-Benz (China) Co., Ltd.

Seppes Door Industry’s transparent and smooth sliding door body is composed of aluminum alloy profile and polyurethane glass, which has high light transmittance, and its impact resistance is also first-class, 100 times that of ordinary glass. After installation, the exhibition hall is transparent and open-minded, with a clear view of the interior and exterior, and visitors are naturally comfortable and can achieve the effect of car sales.

The composition of the sliding door system in Suzhou Translucent:

1. Door body: The frame of the door body is molded from bare aluminum alloy profiles, and the surface is treated with anodized polishing and baking white acrylic enamel. The door body will look pleasing to the eye after careful processing.

2. Door panel color: The color of the door panel is not only white and transparent. There were customers who requested a yellow door panel. We can customize it according to the RAL color card. You can choose any color you want.

3. Balance system: The spring balance system is adopted, with high service life and smooth operation, which can reach more than 25,000 working cycles.

4. Hardware accessories: hinges, brackets, and rails are all made of high-quality galvanized steel plates, and the surface is also treated with a special process, which is anti-corrosive and wear-resistant, and improves the service life of the door.

5. Sealing system: The door is sealed with rubber strips around the door to prevent dust, rain and weather.

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