As the fast rolling door is more and more widely used, customers often see it in other factories and feel that they want the same style. They are also curious about the thermal insulation effect of the rapid rolling door. Let’s talk about the fast rolling door today. Insulation effect.

Whether it is cold winter or scorching heat, when the air tightness is not good, the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor will cause the increase of energy consumption. Therefore, the air tightness of the fast rolling door is an important function of energy saving. The bottom of the curtain of the fast-rolling door is a U-shaped soft bottom pocket, which can be sealed and combined with various uneven ground. The two-row brushes are built in the guide rails on both sides to make the entire fast-rolling door achieve an overall sealing effect.

High Speed Door

If the airtightness is not good, it will cause a pressure difference between the indoor and outdoor air. The cold outdoor air enters the room through the gap, resulting in dramatic fluctuations in room temperature, affecting the indoor environment and consuming a lot of heat. This phenomenon is called cool breeze soaking. However, in the hot summer climate, the outdoor high temperature climate and indoor air conditioning are used for refrigeration, the hot air generated by the air flow enters the room through the gap, resulting in increased cooling energy consumption.

For pharmaceutical factories or factory workshops with temperature requirements, the energy consumed by air-conditioning and refrigeration throughout the year is a large expense for enterprises. The fast rolling doors produced by SEPPES Doors have a high degree of sealing and heat insulation. Avoid the loss of cold air, and the lifting speed can be adjusted from 0.5m/s-1.5m/s, and the outside air can be isolated through high-speed opening and closing.

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