Unsafe food quality will directly affect people’s health. As a food storage place, the safety management of warehouse is also very important. Special attention is required when managing food warehouses. The high speed door is suitable for food, logistics channels, clean workshops and other places. It can meet the needs of logistics transportation entrances and exits and clean places. For some food manufacturers, special attention should be paid to cleanliness, and it is very necessary to install rapid roller doors.

rapid roller doors
rapid doors

The fast opening and closing speed of the rapid roller doors can better eliminate indoor and outdoor air. Even if there is frequent interaction between the warehouse and the outside world, the environmental quality of the workshop can be guaranteed. It can also maintain efficient work efficiency and create a comfortable working environment for employees. The rapid roller door is mainly composed of a door frame system and a control system. Door curtains are mainly composed of PVC door curtains or aluminum alloy profiles. The control system of SEPPES is a German brand control system. We have equipped the product with a variety of door opening methods and a number of intelligent expansion functions. Such as equipment linkage, double door interlock, door opening and closing delay, door opening and closing warning, and remote communication control. Customers can choose according to their needs to help realize the full automation of the workshop.

rapid roller doors

There are more than 2,400 cooperation cases in SEPPES, with cooperative customers in many industries and rich industry experience. SEPPES has more than 20 product patents and 15 international and domestic authoritative certifications. At present, it has been exported to more than 50 countries. If you are also considering installing doors for your food factory. You can try SEPPES brand high-speed doors, you will not be disappointed.

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