high speed spiral doors

With the development of transportation, major logistics enterprises are facing huge challenges. In order to improve the working efficiency, traditional rolling shutter doors cannot meet the needs of enterprises and are eliminated. If you want to improve  productivity, efficiency and security , you may consider installing high speed spiral doors. It can solve the problems that are troubling you. In this article, I will introduce in detail the characteristics of high speed spiral doors and the advantages of appliying in the material channel.

high speed spiral doors

Benefits of high speed spiral doors in logistics channels

Improved work efficiency

The door can be opened and closed frequently and quickly. Its switching speed up to 2m/s, help personnel in the channel to move conveniently and reducing waiting time. Compared with the traditional doors that need a long time to open, it can save time and improve work efficiency. High speed doors apply in the channel , more convenient and fast.


When transporting goods in the logistics channels, there is no need to worry about the danger of falling door panels. The fast door equip with a safety system consisting of infrared safety photoelectric and bottom airbags. When the door panel is falling, there are people or objects under the door panel. Safety photoelectric and bottom side airbag will sense and immediately door panel stop falling, ensuring the work safety .

automated operation

Operation page is simple and quick, opening methods is double-sided manual button. High speed spiral door can also be matched with other automatic opening methods, such as geomagnetic, radar, rope, Bluetooth, remote control and so on. In addition, if there is a power failure, you can use the key to open the manual opening device, pull down the device, and lift the door panel by hand.

high speed spiral doors
insulated speed door

To help you find high quality fast door, I recommend a trusted manufacturer SEPPES. This brand has 12 years of industrial door experience, and services include Logitech, IKEA, Fresenius Kabi,etc.I believe he will provide you with high quality products and excellent service.

In short, high speed spiral doors are the best choice for enterprises in the logistics channels. By choosing hard fast door, it can solve your problems, including improving work efficiency, good windproof, sealing and insulation, convenient and safe, stable and efficient.

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