logistical channel

 The complete logistics loading and unloading equipment is composed of industrial lifting doors, industrial door seals, and loading and unloading platforms. After the continuous improvement of SEPPES Door Industry, it can satisfy the enterprise’s one-stop purchase of warehouse logistics loading and unloading equipment.

The industrial lift door can be opened by the remote control button of the enterprise control center when loading and unloading is required. Of course, geomagnetic induction can also be installed. When the vehicle needs to be loaded and unloaded, the industrial lift door can be opened by metal induction. The door seal has a fixed mechanical door seal, a foldable mechanical door seal, and an inflatable mechanical door seal. The use of the door seal prevents external debris, airflow, rain, etc. from entering the space, and maintains the cleanliness of the space.

The loading and unloading platform can be tilted up and down, allowing the goods to slide down directly in the direction, reducing the difficulty of loading and unloading goods and improving the overall efficiency. Some companies that require high product cleanliness also purchase loading and unloading tents to keep the goods in a perfect sealed state during loading and unloading. In logistics centers or logistics parks, warehousing and logistics handling equipment is particularly used, and the use of logistics handling equipment can improve the image of the enterprise.


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