The fast rolling door series include aluminum alloy fast rolling door, color steel fast rolling door, crystal fast rolling door, stainless steel fast rolling door and PVC fast rolling door. Different materials are suitable for different areas. Among them, PVC fast rolling door is suitable for installation in the factory workshop. It is the most technologically intelligent product. PVC fast rolling door, because of its very fast running speed, is also called fast rolling door. Its function is to quickly isolate to ensure that the air quality in the workshop reaches the dust-free level. It also has heat preservation, cold preservation, insect proof, wind proof, dust proof, sound insulation, odor proof, and lighting And many other functions.

PVC fast rolling shutter doors perfectly solve the problems of aluminum alloy, color steel plate, crystal, stainless steel, which cannot effectively prevent dust. If these fast rolling shutters are installed in the factory workshop, the work efficiency may be affected, and a series of problems such as incompatibility with the work scene may even occur. . Besides, aluminum alloy and stainless steel are usually troublesome to clean up, while PVC material is resistant to dirt. If stains stick to it, you only need to wipe it with a cloth, which saves you trouble. Therefore, the first choice for the factory workshop is the PVC fast rolling door.

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