roll fast door

As the main channel for conveying precision parts, the delivery port of the precision factory is also the channel for dust and mosquitoes to enter the factory. Therefore, we usually install a sealed, dust-proof industrial door at the delivery port for protection and isolation. Normally we recommend using the roll fast door.

The advantages of choosing a roll fast door for the conveying port of the precision factory

Sealed isolation

The door frame of the high-speed door is equipped with double-row sealing brushes, which form a four-sided air-tight structure with the U-shaped bottom edge and the integrated door head box, which has the advantages of fast partition and good sealing. When the door is closed, it can effectively prevent mosquitoes and dust from slipping into the workshop through the gap of the conveying port.

Fast lifting

The door can be opened and closed frequently hundreds of times a day, and the opening speed of 1.0-1.2m/s (customization can reach more than 1.5m/s), which is 5-7 times that of ordinary rolling doors. When conveying precision parts, it can reduce the door opening and closing time, avoid air convection inside and outside the workshop, and achieve the purpose of dustproof and clean workshop.

roll fast door

What other extended functions about fast door can be used in the precision workshop?

Fast roll door Interlock function

The roll fast shutter door can be interlocked with the delivery port equipment, that is, when precision parts are delivered to the front of the door. The device sends the door opening signal, and the door body accepts the signal to execute the opening command, without manual operation, and is more intelligent and automatic.

Linkage function

The linkage function means that two or more fast-moving shutter doors connected together can control the startup and closing of the doors at the same time through the master controller, so as to realize the effect of opening and closing at the same time with one key, which will undoubtedly greatly improve the working efficiency of the factory.

roll fast door

In addition to being used in precision manufacturing plants, high-speed doors can also be used in factories in many industries such as healthcare, food and beverage, warehousing and logistics, packaging and printing. In addition, SEPPES would like to remind that when choosing a fast rolling door, you should expand the function according to your own needs. Know what is best for you.

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