Recently, several customers have consulted with me about the fast rolling door. They all saw it for the first time when they visited other people’s factories. It can be seen that although fast rolling doors are more popular now, there are still many factories who have not contacted them, do not understand its function and performance, and do not know the existence of this product.

These customers have been using sliding doors in their own factories and workshops, but it is okay for people to enter and exit, mainly because it is particularly inconvenient to push goods or forklifts in and out, and it is cumbersome to push the door open before passing through, which is cumbersome and affects work efficiency. So when they saw that the fast rolling door could automatically open and close, they felt that the door was very suitable for the needs of their workshop.

Many customers will also say that there are many styles of doors that can open and close automatically. Why do factories choose fast rolling doors? Auto-sensing is only an optional switch method for fast rolling shutters. The most important thing is the temperature insulation, sealing and dustproof effect that fast rolling shutters bring to the workshop.

If fast rolling doors are installed in electronic factories, food factories, pharmaceutical factories, machinery factories and other places, it can effectively shield the outside dust and keep it clean at a level of 70-90%. At the same time, the fast rolling door can effectively solve the problems of cold and hot air outflow of the air conditioner. It can be seen that it is very necessary to install fast rolling doors in constant temperature and humidity and dust-free workshops.

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