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Modern garages require intelligence, efficiency, and security, and traditional slow shutter doors or flap doors no longer meet their needs. Instead, spiral doors with advanced performance, fast and easy operation, and intelligent technology are becoming the preferred choice for many customers. In this article, we will explore the four key characteristics of hard fast doors that make them suitable for modern garages, and recommend some trusted brand manufacturers.

spiral doors

Four Characteristics of Garage Spiral Doors

Fast and Responsive:

With a maximum opening and closing speed of 2m/s, hard doors eliminate the need for long wait times for vehicles to enter or exit. They only take a few seconds to open, providing a quick and seamless experience.

Automatic Induction:

Hard fast doors can be paired with various induction methods such as Bluetooth, remote control, license plate recognition, and linkage geomagnetism, providing automatic opening performance as soon as the vehicle arrives at the door.

Anti-Wind, Airtight, and Anti-Theft:

The thickened aluminum alloy pod core door panel of hard doors with sealed gaps can withstand up to 10-12 typhoons, prevent theft and prying, and offer dust and heat preservation, rain and water resistance.

Safety Protection:

The built-in infrared light curtain and U-shaped safety bottom provide double protection, preventing any sudden vehicle entries and damage when the door is closed.

Benefits of Hard Spiral Doors

Hard fast doors offer several benefits for modern garages, including:

Enhanced Efficiency

With their fast and automatic operation, hard doors reduce wait times and provide faster access to and from the garage.

Improved Security

Hard doors’ anti-theft features, airtightness, and wind resistance make them a secure choice for modern garages.


Hard doors’ durable materials and low maintenance requirements provide a cost-effective solution for garage owners.

Recommended Spiral Doors Brands

To ensure that you purchase a high-quality hard fast door with reliable performance, we recommend choosing trusted manufacturers such as SEPPES and Dynaco, who offer stable quality and better after-sale services.

Spiral doors, especially hard high-speed doors, are the best choice for modern garages that value efficiency, convenience, and safety. With their fast and responsive operation, automatic induction, anti-wind and anti-theft features, and safety protection, hard doors provide a superior user experience. By selecting a reputable brand like SEPPES or Dynaco, you can enjoy the benefits of a hard fast door without worrying about quality issues.

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