The high speed door is the only soft door curtain product in the industrial door. It has the functions of dust-proof, insect-proof, sound insulation, odor insulation, wind resistance and so on. There are many types of fast doors according to different working areas. Such as: special protective quick door for equipment room, special clean quick door for clean workshop, special accumulation quick door for wind resistance at the large opening of the workshop, and hard quick door with anti-theft effect at the door of the workshop. Each type of fast door has its own special features, giving enterprises more options. Today, the industrial door manufacturer SEPPES will mainly introduce to you, the industrial folding up door for wind resistance at the large opening of the factory building.

industrial folding up door

Accumulation fast doors are also called wind-resistant accumulation doors, which are upgraded products specially designed for wind resistance of large openings. The maximum size of 10 meters * 10 meters can be customized, which can withstand nearly 11 strong winds. Wind resistant yet airtight. The surrounding area has been specially treated to seal against dust, insects, odors and sound insulation. It can also be equipped with automatic induction opening devices, such as radar, geomagnetic and so on. It allows the forklift driver not to get out of the car and wait to turn it on, saving time. When the vehicle arrives at the door, the door automatically senses and opens quickly.

industrial folding up door

SEPPES focuses on the technical development, design and manufacture, and after-sales service of nearly 70 products of industrial high speed doors, sectional doors, spiral doors. Has 15 authoritative product standard certifications. With nearly 20 patents for various inventions and technologies, with leading professional products and good brand reputation. SEPPES has become a partner of more than 60 Fortune 500 companies such as IKEA, Logitech, and AkzoNobel.

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