Seppes Door Industry’s unique wind-resistant accumulation fast door with reinforced structure is deeply loved by enterprise users with its strong and safe main frame structure, stable and intelligent control series, and beautiful appearance.

Wind-resistant fast stacking door

W-type strap-type wind-resistant accumulation fast door adopts folding lifting method and multiple built-in or external horizontal wind-resistant levers. The wind pressure can be evenly distributed on the whole curtain. Its wind resistance performance is much higher than that of ordinary roller fast rolling doors. Especially suitable for logistics channels and large-area openings. Based on the traditional built-in stacking door, SERANG has developed an aluminum alloy external anti-wind rod stacking door with a reinforced profile snap-in design. The curtain can be disassembled and disassembled. Only one curtain can be replaced during maintenance, which is more convenient and economical. At the same time, the aluminum alloy wind-resistant rod designed with mold opening makes the whole set of stacking doors more three-dimensional and enhances the product level.

fast stacking doors can be equipped with geomagnetic vehicle induction automatic door opening device:

Product Features:

European-style frame structure, the strength is increased by 2 times; it can be customized with built-in steel pipes and external aluminum alloy profiles

PVC card seat type sealed brush, easy to disassemble and replace; resistant to strong wind of 10 grade

Optional multiple rows of windows to enhance daylighting effect; adopting man-machine interface intelligent control system

Allowable frequency: 120 times/hour, 2 times/minute; infrared safety protection system

fast stacking doors support interlocking linkage of internal and external double doors:

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