1.The workshop fast rolling door has the characteristics of high reliability, practicality, easy operation and low maintenance cost, and provides one-year comprehensive warranty service after installation. It adopts a self-developed microcomputer controller, and is equipped with a visual man-machine interface and original equipment. Imported shaft limit switches ensure that normal trouble-free actions can reach more than 100,000 times per year in the field of industrial applications. The end buffer technology uses advanced high-performance IPM modules to make the wokrshop pvc fast door slow start and slow stop more rounded, reducing high-speed operation The impact of inertia on the mechanical part of the rapid fast door.

pvc fast rolling door

After the high speed rolling door curtain splicing adopts the cold splicing process, the high speed door curtain effectively avoids the deformation after heat sealing, so that the flatness and appearance are greatly improved, and the pvc high speed door curtain adopts the segmented splicing method to reduce the maintenance cost to the end.

Pvc fast rolling doors can reach a high speed of 2 m/s, and their high-efficiency high-speed partition performance can effectively reduce internal and external air convection, so they are an economical choice for busy regional passages.

cold storage fast rolling door

2. Scope of application

Food, medicine, electronics, rubber, chemicals, automobiles, textiles, logistics and other fields.

workshop fast rolling door
spiral fast rolling door

3.Three, function

Heat preservation, moisturizing, dustproof, insect proof, sound insulation, wind resistance, etc., keep the workshop in a constant temperature, humidity, and clean working environment.

Volkswagen, a famous German automobile manufacturer, uses Sepps High Speed Door in its workshop​‎.Pfizer, an American drugmaker, uses Seppes quick doors and so on in its workshops.

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