Today, the zipper fast rolling door of our SEPPES door industry has been installed in the workshop access project of a listed electronics company in Korea. This customer belongs to the electronics manufacturing industry. The working environment in this industry is very demanding. This is necessary for dust, mosquitoes and other environmental issues. Strictly controlled, ordinary industrial doors cannot use dust-proof, mosquito-proof and efficient switches at the same time, so the zipper fast rolling door is chosen. The product can be used to reduce repetitive losses and reduce losses, provide efficient logistics entrance, and maintain the height of the interior space of the building. The temperature conditions and cleanliness are particularly suitable for the installation and use of electronic workshop channels.

SEPPES Door Industry’s zipper fast rolling door adopts a zipper lock structure, which can provide higher sealing performance. German brand control system and servo precision motors can precisely control each operation. In addition, the completely soft door is safer. The door frame track is equipped with a tension spring tensioning system, which can usually resist 6-8 wind pressure and can be strengthened by special customization. Serang’s patented technology has an automatic repair function. Even if the forklift hits the door curtain and derails it, the automatic repair system will automatically guide the door curtain to reset in the next operating cycle.

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