Zipper high speed doors are one of the most popular products in industrial construction. As we all know, the most unique advantage of the zipper high speed door is that it has a strong seal. The zipper lock design can effectively prevent the entry of dust, which is very suitable for use in factories and workshops that require high cleanliness. On the other hand, many companies use heating and cooling equipment, and need to install a door at the entrance to reduce the loss of heat and energy. At this time, the use of zipper fast doors is also a wise choice.

What are the advantages of SEPPES’s zipper high speed door compared with other ordinary zipper doors? First, turn it on quickly. Under the premise of ensuring airtightness, the fastest opening and closing speed can reach 2.0m/s, which minimizes energy loss. Second, the automatic reset function. When the forklift accidentally hits the door curtain and the door curtain derails from the track, the self-repair system will automatically guide the door curtain to rerail. Third, resist the wind. SEPPES’s zipper high-speed door frame track is equipped with a spring tension system, which can resist 6 levels of wind.

It is precisely because of the above three advantages of SEPPES’s zipper door that many new factories or rebuilt workshops will give priority to SEPPES’s zipper door. SEPPES sold more than 50 items of zipper high speed doors this year. Below are some examples of projects.

June 2021- Zipper fast door installed in warehouse logistics channel

May 2021- Installed in fire engineering workshop

April 2021- Installed in medical clean workshop

SEPPES brand zipper doors are exported to Hong Kong, Indonesia, Thailand and other regions. We have also received good reviews from customers. Whether it is quality or after-sales service, we are at the top level. If you also plan to install an industrial door for your factory, don’t hesitate. Contact me now for a quote.

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