The good news is that Ping An Insurance of China has undertaken 15 million yuan for the full range of industrial high speed door produced by Seppes Door Industry (suzhou)co.,ltd to ensure the safety of the products during use. Insurance for industrial high speed door is to let purchasing customers reassurance.

As early as a few years ago, Seppes Door Industry had insured industrial high speed door. Previously, it was also insured by Ping An Property & Casualty Insurance of China with an insured amount of 1.5 million yuan. After years of cooperation and the continuous development of Seppes Door Industry, the product’s production and high performance quality continue to hit new highs. After professional verification, the person in charge of Ping An Property & Casualty Insurance of China has approved the insurance coverage of 15 million yuan for the entire series of Seppes Doors, which provides higher insurance for Seppes’s products. Let the majority of corporate customers buy at ease and use at ease. It is the corporate mission of Seppes Company to make the intelligent chemical factory more efficient.

   Looking for an industrial fast door, you can try the “Seppes” brand. There will definitely be extra surprises?

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