fast automatic roller doors

Free doors and fast doors are two very common doors now, and they both realize automatic control switches. Both are suitable for commercial and industrial environments. They can meet the import and export management needs of different places, such as stores, warehouses, factories, etc.
But they still have some differences in design and functionality. Now more and more companies are using fast doors instead of free doors. Today let us talk about the characteristics of high speed roll up doors and free doors and the benefits of high speed roll up doors replacing free doors.

fast automatic roller doors

Free doors

Free door features

Automatic switch: The free door can automatically sense the approach of pedestrians or vehicles. It can automatically open and close, and provide convenient entrance and exit management.

Anti-collision design: This type of door often equip with anti-collision sensors that stop movement when an obstacle is detected to avoid collision or injury.

Multiple control methods: free doors an be controlled in a variety of ways . Such as infrared, microwave radar, buttons or remote control, to adapt to different scene needs.

Wide applicability: Anti-collision free doors are suitable for various places, including shops, hospitals, airports, etc. They providing convenient entrance and exit solutions.

Advantages of free door

Improve safety: Free doors can avoid collisions with pedestrians or vehicles through anti-collision sensors, improving the safety of entrances and exits.

Disadvantages of Free doors

High maintenance costs: Free doors are internally complex and contain a variety of sensors and automatic control devices. The maintenance and repair costs are relatively high.

Not suitable for all scenarios: In some special scenarios, such as high temperature, low temperature or extreme dust environment, the performance of the sensor may be affected, thus affecting the normal operation of the door.

Sometimes misoperation occurs: The sensor system may be interfered by external factors, leading to misoperation. For example, in strong wind or rainy weather, it may mistakenly think there is an obstacle and stop operation.

High speed roll up doors

High speed roll up door features

Quick opening and closing: The fast rolling shutter door has the characteristics of quick response. The opening speed is 1.2-2.0m/s, and it can open 500-800 times per day. It greatly improves the efficiency of the passage of people and goods.

Strong adaptability: PVC quick door curtains contain anti-breakage fibers inside. The surface adopts spray molding process to ensure the quality and long life of the curtains. To ensure that the fast door can operate stably for a long time in various environments. Rapid rolling doors are suitable for a variety of places and environments, including factories, warehouses, shops, garages, etc., as they are designed to adapt to different space constraints and usage needs.

Safety considerations: Choosing a fast door can also greatly reduce the occurrence of accidents. The PVC door curtain makes the door itself lighter and the fast door itself is equipped with an infrared safety photoelectric protection device as standard. SEPPES products are also equipped with a stable control system and servo motor. The door curtain can operate normally without malfunction. You can choose a professional zipper fast door with a safety bottom edge and anti-collision reset function to provide double safety protection for the passage of people and goods.

Strong durability: Rapid rolling door curtains are usually made of PVC material, which has strong tear resistance and corrosion resistance. The door frame materials are made of painted steel, 304 stainless steel, aluminum alloy, etc., which have strong durability and corrosion resistance and are suitable for long-term use.

Improve environmental control: Some fast rolling shutter doors have excellent environmental control functions, such as heat insulation, sound insulation, windproof, dustproof, etc., which help maintain the stability and comfort of the indoor environment.

Advantages of high speed roll up door

Improve efficiency: Quick opening and closing can quickly complete the entry and exit operations, save time, and improve the efficiency of import and export.

Enhanced safety: Rapid rolling shutter doors equipped with safety sensors can detect obstacles in time to prevent accidental collisions or injuries, improving safety.

Energy savings: Due to the short opening and closing times, heat loss when the door is opened and closed can be reduced. Rapid rolling shutter doors can reduce energy consumption and lower operating costs.

Wide applicability: It is suitable for various places and environments and can meet different import and export management needs.

Beautiful and simple: The fast rolling shutter door can be customized in many colors. Such as red, blue, yellow, white, gray and even transparent. The design is modern and simple, and the appearance is beautiful, which can enhance the overall image of the building.

Disadvantages of high speed roll up door

Electricity dependence: Fast rolling shutter doors usually require electricity to drive. If there is a power outage or power failure, it may cause the door to be unable to open or close, thus affecting production and safety.

Replacing free doors with high speed roll up doors may bring the following benefits

Higher opening speed: The opening speed of fast rolling shutter doors is usually faster . It can be opened or closed quickly, which improves the efficiency of entrance and exit.

Better safety: Rapid rolling shutter doors usually have more advanced safety features. Such as anti-collision sensors, emergency stop buttons, etc., which can effectively avoid collisions or injuries.

Space saving: The design of the fast rolling shutter door is more compact and does not require additional space to open or close, making it suitable for places with limited space.

Wider adaptability: Rapid rolling shutter doors are suitable for various environments and places. Such as factories, warehouses, stores, etc., with a wider range of applications.

Better environmental control: Rapid rolling shutter doors can seal indoor spaces more effectively, help maintain temperature, humidity and cleanliness, and are suitable for places that require strict environmental control.

Greater durability: Rapid roll-up doors typically have a simpler, more durable construction. Maintenance costs are likely to be lower relative to impact doors.

Reduce energy consumption: The fast rolling shutter door opens and closes in a short time. It can reduce energy consumption and reduce operating costs.

Aesthetics: Rapid rolling shutter doors are usually designed to be more modern and simple. It can improve the overall aesthetics of the place.

In summary, fast rolling shutter doors are superior to free doors in terms of efficiency, safety, energy saving, applicability and beautiful appearance. Rapid roll is gradually becoming the leader in industrial doors.

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