aluminum rigid high speed door

A cigarette factory is a working environment that requires constant temperature, constant humidity, and dust-free. During the production of cigarettes, the cigarettes need to be transported from the aisle. To ensure the ambient temperature of the channel, partition doors are needed to control factors such as temperature, humidity and dust. However, there are many problems in the traditional partition door, such as poor sealing, slow switching speed and so on. In order to solve these problems, the cigarette factory chooses the aluminum hard fast door to replace the traditional door .

aluminum hard fast door
aluminum high speed spiral door

Benefits of Aluminum Hard Fast Door in Cigarette Factory Passages

Excellent sealing effect

The double-layer aluminum alloy door panel is designed with rubber sealing strips around the door panel. It can not only keep the internal temperature and humidity constant. But also effectively isolate the air circulation inside and outside the cigarette factory and prevent external dust from entering.

Improve efficiency

The opening and closing speed of high speed spiral door is very fast, and the opening is completed in a few seconds. It can reduce the interference caused by air flow and ensure the stable and fast channel transportation. At the same time, it also improves work efficiency, so that staff and vehicles do not need to wait for a long time for the door panel to open.

Energy saving

Fast opening and excellent sealing of aluminum hard fast door. It can save a lot of energy loss caused by air circulation, thereby reducing energy expenses of enterprises.

aluminum hard fast door

The aluminum hard fast door can improve work efficiency while maintaining a stable internal environment. So it is used to replace the traditional partition door, which is also one of the important means for cigarette factories to achieve sealing and energy saving. Enterprises can choose their own aluminum hard fast door models and brands to bring more economic benefits to the enterprise. In order to achieve a safe, hygienic and energy-saving working environment, you can refer to the professional industrial door brand SEPPES. The high-speed doors of SEPPES are widely praised in the industry. It has a number of product core technologies and has passed the EU CE and international SGS certification.

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