aluminum rigid high speed door

With the rapid development of modern greenhouse technology, many fruits and vegetables are inseparable from the cultivation of greenhouses. Greenhouses maintain suitable growth conditions for light, temperature, and humidity. Among them, the entrance and exit of the greenhouse are also an important factor affecting the internal environment. The high speed spiral door is a new type of metal door that integrates sealing, heat preservation, and wind resistance. It is especially suitable for installation in greenhouses. Aluminum rigid high speed door can play a certain auxiliary role in maintaining the temperature and humidity of the internal environment.

aluminum rigid high speed door

Advantages of Aluminium Rigid High Speed Door in Greenhouses

Fast opening

The opening speed of aluminum rigid high speed door can be in a few seconds. Quick opening and closing can speed up the entry and exit of staff and improve efficiency. More importantly, it can also reduce indoor and outdoor air convection and prevent external pollution from affecting the greenhouse environment.

Sealed insulation

Fast door has a door panel with a thickness of 4 cm. There are rubber strips around the door panel for sealing, which can effectively ensure that the temperature of the greenhouse will keep stable. Provide a constant temperature and humidity environment for the greenhouse to assist the growth of internal plants.

Wind resistance

The door panel adopts double-layer aluminum alloy door panel. The high-strength door panel and transmission mechanism make the high-speed door have the characteristics of impact resistance. The wind resistance can reach level 12.

Intelligent linkage

High speed spiral door is equipped with multiple expansion ports, which can be linked with equipment. The opening methods are diverse, including radar, geomagnetism, remote control, Bluetooth, pull rope, swiping access control cards, etc. Chose opening method according to actual needs, making entry and exit more intelligent.

aluminum rigid high speed door

Traditional greenhouse doors use ordinary manual doors, the switching speed is not as sensitive as hard fast doors, and vehicles are constantly entering and exiting. Not only the temperature in the greenhouse is lost, but also the constant temperature and humidity environment is lost. It also allows external pollution to enter, and disrupt the balance of the environment. Compared with traditional greenhouse doors, aluminum rigid high speed door has fast opening, sealing and heat preservation, excellent wind resistance and intelligent linkage. These advantages are very important for greenhouses. Let the greenhouse run better and increase production.

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