The high speed spiral door is a widely using. There are many kinds of high speed doors, and red, yellow, blue, white, and gray. Fast doors can be customized according to customer preferences. But the fastest door with the highest value is the high speed spiral door.

high speed spiral door

There are many differences between the fast spiral door and the fast door. The biggest difference is the material of the door curtain. The fast door is made of PVC, and the fast spiral door is made of aluminum alloy, and the middle is filled with polyurethane foam. The high fast spiral door is also equipped with a servo motor, and the opening rate is very fast, which can reach 2m/s and can resist 11-level wind. Due to the material of the door panel and the neatness of the door panel, the fast spiral  door looks very beautiful and generous. It can be said to be the top of the industry.

high speed spiral door

Seppes‘s fast spiral door have 11 years of experience, and the technology is very mature. Moreover, it has been affirmed by customers from Europe, Australia, the United States, Japan and other countries.

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