The double-door interlocking fast roller shutter door refers to the two fast roller shutter doors or multiple fast roller shutter doors in the factory passage to achieve the function of linkage and interlocking, and it is generally used at both ends of the passage. In order to achieve a certain degree of cleanliness in the indoor environment, or to control the internal temperature loss, a single door cannot meet the requirements. Therefore, at this time, it is necessary to install two fast roller shutter doors in the passage for use.

Interlocking fast roller shutter doors
In order to ensure that people or vehicles reduce dust from being brought into the workshop during the passage of the passage, we need to install fast roller shutter doors at both ends of the buffer zone of the passage. No matter where you enter from, only one door opens, and the other door remains closed. When one door is closed, the other door will open. Achieve one-on-one-off mode, so as to ensure that the indoor environment is not affected by air convection. The passage fast rolling door can not only interlock two doors, but also realize interlocking of multiple doors at the same time. This kind of interlocking fast roller shutter door is mostly widely used in the passage of dust-free workshop, constant temperature workshop or cargo shower room.

Using characteristics of double-door interlocking fast roller shutter doors:

  1. Support interlocking: Generally, there are two fast roller shutter doors in the channel, and it is required that the two fast roller shutter door cannot be opened at the same time. One door is in the open state, and the other door is always closed. When opening another door, it can only be opened when the other door is closed.
  2. Intelligent control: With intelligent display frequency control, you can daily watch the operation of the fast roller shutter door, whether there is any abnormal state, if there is a fault, there will be a digital code prompt to inform the problem and reduce the cost of subsequent maintenance.
  3. Sealing performance: The two sides of the channel interlocking fast roller shutter door are sealed by double rows of high-density brushes to prevent dust and insects; the bottom is a soft bottom for basic protection and sealing, no gaps, and increase the cleanliness of the workshop.
  4. Multiple switches: car-sensing geomagnetic induction, human-sensing radar induction, remote control, password swiping access control, rope switch, Bluetooth remote control.
  5. High-frequency operation: The daily operation of the channel interlocking fast roller shutter door can reach 1000 times/day, with slow start and stop, reduce motor wear and increase service life.
  6. Wind resistance performance: The fast-lifting rolling shutter door is equipped with wind-resistant ribs, which can ensure the wind pressure above level 6.

7.Equipment linkage: installed on the equipment, the equipment gives a signal to control the fast roller shutter doors switch; air shower, conveyor belt, freight elevator, etc.

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