Closed workshops have high requirements for the sealing of the workshop, and some fine dust particles must be strictly controlled. Such occasions as medical workshops and dust-free workshops need to install high speed door to maintain. The sealing performance of the fast door is very good. The bottom of the curtain is completely and seamlessly attached to the ground to prevent the entry of dust and fine particles. There are brush devices on the left and right sides of the door curtain to prevent debris from entering the room when the door is opened. So as to prevent outdoor impurities from entering the workshop.


This door not only has the function of preventing dust, but also keeps the balance of temperature and humidity. Due to the rapid lifting speed of the curtain, the air convection rate can be reduced. The indoor and outdoor temperature is maintained in a constant range. Control the pressure difference between inside and outside to ensure the cleanliness of the workshop.


Other advantages of dustproof fast door:

  1. The opening speed is fast, saving time in and out, and gaining production time for the enterprise.
  2. There are many opening methods, and enterprises can freely choose according to production characteristics. Various methods such as manual and automatic are optional.
  3. The fast door also has a certain degree of wind resistance, usually able to withstand the standard wind speed of about 6 levels.
  4. It can be made into a fast door with a small window, the light transmission is enhanced, and it is also convenient to observe and manage the internal equipment.
  5. Dust-proof fast doors are widely used, and our products are spread all over the world. You can contact me for more details, and I will provide you with cases we have worked with.

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