With the improvement of the quality of life, more and more garbage is generated. Food waste is a headache. In food waste treatment projects or waste transfer stations, some environmental protection companies are now adopting industrial standards to transform meals. Kitchen waste treatment projects to meet the national requirements for environmental protection. Therefore, fast rolling doors are installed inside and outside the factory workshop for isolation and protection. Today, I will explain to you the benefits of using fast rolling doors in food waste projects.

Several kinds of garbage treatment will involve many environmental problems, one of which is the anti-proliferation of odor. In order to prevent the odor from affecting the surrounding residents as much as possible, there will be an automatic sprinkler system in the garbage recycling and treatment plant. The doors and other equipment are matched together to form a tangible wall to block the smell in the room. According to the requirements of the environmental protection department, extremely sealed gate protection is required. SEPPES zipper fast rolling doors or large stacked fast rolling doors have the functions of fast partition, prevent odor leakage, anti-pollution, fast and frequent operation in and out, wind pressure resistance, sealing, etc., which can meet garbage Requirements for the use of recycle bins. The installation of fast rolling doors in kitchen waste treatment projects can effectively isolate odors and greatly reduce the pollution of urban odors.

The picture below is: the environmentally friendly zipper fast rolling door installed in the kitchen processing workshop

The environmentally friendly fast rolling door used in the kitchen treatment plant has the functions of windproof, dustproof, moistureproof and insect proof, which can keep the operating space clean, and at the same time, it can also greatly reduce the air convection caused by the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the operation, saving energy ; Its fast opening and closing can ensure that the kitchen vehicle can quickly enter and exit, which is convenient for operation and improves work efficiency. The zipper fast rolling door produced by SEPPES is also known as: the odor-proof airtight industrial fast rolling door. The zipper lock structure can achieve the effect of airtight isolation on all sides, reduce the leakage of odor and pollution, and has a good sealing effect. The special wear-resistant material is oil-free, smooth and maintenance-free, economical and durable. The curtain adopts a fully soft door body, double infrared electric eyes and wireless airbag bottom sides for double safety protection.

Garbage recycling and sorting treatment is a long-term plan to save social resources and energy, and it is related to sustainable development. SEPPES’s fast rolling door assists garbage disposal and environmental protection projects and actively responds to the call of “Golden mountains and silver mountains are not as good as green waters and green mountains”.

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