At present, the amount of debt owed to environmental protection in the world is getting higher and higher. For the sake of global human life, we have to devote ourselves to developing the environmental protection industry.

The global environmental protection demand will only increase, so when building environmental protection machinery and equipment enterprises, the machine protection door is an indispensable safety device.
Environmental protection machinery and equipment include filtration and dust removal equipment, sewage treatment equipment, noise control equipment, disinfection and corrosion protection equipment, etc. When producing these equipment, cutting, electric welding, casting and other links are indispensable.

Then install a protective door on the production machine, which can effectively block welding slag, dust, harmful arcs and other substances. On the one hand, it protects the accuracy of the machine when cutting, and on the other hand, it can also protect the safety of the staff. The machine protection door can communicate with the welding machine, and it can be opened and closed in a fully automated mode. A thicker and tougher base fabric is selected on the curtain material to block harmful substances.

There are many customers that SEPPES Door Industry has cooperated with in the environmental protection machinery production industry. Buyers with such needs can contact SEPPES staff to provide more information as an alternative.

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