Yesterday, customers in Thailand have received our export of cold room doors and zipper fast rolling doors. The customer has completed the installation by himself under the remote guidance of our technicians. This client belongs to the leading seafood company in Thailand and is very famous in the world seafood industry. Being able to cooperate with us this time also took a fancy to us because we have many cases abroad. And they have cooperated with many companies in China, and they trust the brand SEPPES very much.

SEPPES’s cold room doors adopts multi-layer composite door curtain. The interior of the curtain is filled with thermal insulation material, which can reduce heat transfer. Double rows of brushes in the track of the door or the use of a rubber band to seal it can block air convection and promote the effect of heat preservation. The built-in aluminum alloy profile wind-resistant ribs of the curtain can resist wind pressure and impact. At the same time, the overall door is also aesthetic. The high-speed door of SEPPES is equipped with infrared safety protection device as standard, and wireless airbag bottom edge is also optional. It is safe and fast.

SEPPES has ten years of experience in thSEPPES has ten years of experience in the industrial door industry. The EU member state-Czech Republic has issued an authoritative CE certificate for us. In addition, our production standards have also passed the certification of the international authority SGS. High-quality product quality makes us have a good reputation in the industry. Our products not only trusted by Chinese brands, but also exported to all over the world. For example, the well-known brands Huawei and Unilever are our partners. Many overseas distributors that we have cooperated with provide customers with high-quality products and services.

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