fast automatic roller doors

With the in-depth development of the printing industry, many companies have become more and more familiar with printing warehousing. And warehouses are also responsible for many functions. In order to ensure that the printed products are not polluted, a buffer room is generally provided at the entrance of the printing warehouse. To ensure that dust and pollution do not enter the warehouse, it needs to be able to be well sealed and quickly partitioned. So companies choose fast automatic roller doors for buffer rooms.

fast automatic roller doors

Advantages of fast automatic roller doors in Printing Buffer Room

Open quickly

In order to meet the needs of frequent vehicle entry and exit without polluting the environment, the printing industry has a buffer room at the warehouse entrance. The fast door is used as a buffer room door, equipped with a professional servo system. It can control the smooth operation and ensure the frequent opening of the fast door. It not only meets the needs of forklift transportation, but also prevents external pollution from entering. Shorten the waiting time for people and vehicles to enter and exit, and improve transportation efficiency.

Sealed and dust proof

The fast door integrated door box structure prevents dust from entering and leaving polluted materials through small gaps. Coupled with the double-layer brush design inside the track. When the curtain is closed, a closed environment is formed to reduce pollution caused by air convection.

Safety protection

The safety protection device is an infrared safety photoelectric. It can detect whether there is a person or object under the door curtain in time, and it will immediately stop falling and roll up in the opposite direction when the person or object is sensed. Keep workers and printed products safe.

fast automatic roller doors

The fast automatic roller doors have the advantages of quick opening, sealing and dust proof, and safety protection, which meets the requirements of the printing buffer room. Fast automatic roller doors can also be widely used in industries with high environmental requirements, such as food, medicine, and packaging, to help workshops create a clean production environment and improve productivity. Choosing the professional industrial door brand SEPPES can guarantee the high quality of fast doors. The products have EU CE and international SGS certificates, and are also a supplier of the world’s top 500.

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