The fast rolling door has multiple functions such as intelligent rapid lifting, heat preservation, cold preservation, insect prevention, windproof, dust proof, sound insulation, odor prevention, lighting, etc., and is widely used in food, chemistry, textiles, freezing, electronics, printing, supermarket frozen assembly, Precision machinery, and many other places, suitable for clean workshops, buffer passages and other production occasions that have high standards for hygienic environment.

pvc high speed door

Material characteristics of fast rolling shutter door in clean workshop:

1. Frame material: The door frame is a 2.0mm thick cold rail steel structure produced by Baosteel, which is processed by hemming and high-quality baking paint. The color is optional. Aluminum door frame or stainless steel door frame can be customized according to customer needs.

    2. Curtain material: high-density industrial base fabric, thickness 0.8mm, with tear resistance and good wear resistance, operating temperature: -30℃~+70℃; transparent window can be rectangular or oval, and increase Improved safety and management convenience.

    3. Safety performance: The orange photoelectric flashlight, when the door is opened or closed, the red light flashes as a warning, and the manual rocker can be gently opened and closed when the power is off, which is more safe and convenient.

    4. Sealing performance: The bottom end is equipped with an elastic PVC base cloth, which can be tightly combined with various uneven grounds and can reach ten thousand sealing standards. Sealing brushes are installed on both sides of the door post to reduce noise and increase the sealing effect.

    5. Wind pressure resistance performance: The curtain is equipped with aluminum alloy wind resistance strips. The number of wind resistance strips is selected according to the size of the wind pressure. The more the number, the stronger the wind pressure resistance.

    6. Power performance: Frog pupil servo motor, three-phase 380V, 50HZ, IP55, power 0.75-3.0kw.

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