Recently, a technology company in Russia installed the SEPPES fast rolling door in the workshop. The company belongs to the electronics manufacturing industry. Everyone should be aware that the workshop in the electronics manufacturing industry has extremely strict requirements on the working environment in order to produce the quality and efficiency of the products. Among them, the three important factors of cleanliness, temperature, and efficiency determine that only fast rolling doors can be used in this area. The fast rolling door is a product developed to solve the problem of high clean environment requirements in the industry workshop. It is characterized by fast, efficient, intelligent, safe, dustproof, windproof, insect-proof, energy-saving, sound insulation, heat preservation, etc. It can be quickly partitioned, thereby ensuring the cleanliness of the interior of the workshop, improving product production efficiency, and helping enterprises to save energy and reduce emissions. It is the first choice for the industrial door of the work shop in the electronics manufacturing industry.

There are many fast rolling door manufacturers on the market and their products are uneven. As one of the top ten fast door manufacturers, SEPPES Door Industry not only has more than ten years of industry experience, but also has its products in terms of materials and design. Rich features:

   1. German brand control system, servo high-precision drive unit to ensure stable and fast operation of the product.

   2. Imported brand PVC high-strength base fabric curtain, wear-resistant, tear-resistant, tough and impact-resistant, and has a longer service life.

  3. Multiple intelligent expansion functions such as induction opening device, equipment linkage, door opening and closing warning, etc., adding more portability to work.

  4. Innovative man-machine interface design, visualization of the whole operation, real-time display of running status, plug-in interface, easy to use and maintain.

  5. Infrared safety sensor anti-pinch device is equipped as standard, which rebounds when triggered. Other safety protection devices can also be selected to give customers a safer experience.

  6. ​​Double-row cassette-type door frame sealing brushes and block-removable door curtains, maintenance does not require a lot of effort, where you want to change where you want to change, maintenance is more convenient and cost-effective.

7. Integrated automatic laser cutting and precision component door frame, imported plastic powder coating, can be customized in a variety of materials, colors, combined assembly, beautiful and durable.

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