Fast rolling doors are generally installed in workshops, passages and entrances, and have the functions of dustproof sealing, noise isolation, and cleanliness. In addition, the induction methods of fast rolling doors are also diversified. The standard for fast rolling doors is that there are buttons inside and outside, which can pass The button is turned on and automatically turned off. You can also choose to customize different requirements to select the appropriate induction method to meet the opening requirements of different methods.

The passages and outgoing ports of the workshops are usually more vehicles pass through, so geomagnetic or radar induction methods are often used. However, in some workshops or research rooms with special requirements, password access control and card access control methods are required. Restrict personnel from entering the workshop. Only card-holders and those who know the password can enter the room. It is mostly used inside the enterprise workshop to restrict the entry of non-workers.

 Basic parameters of fast rolling door:

  1. Door curtain material: The door curtain is made of imported pvc wear-resistant material, which has the characteristics of super strength, double-sided self-cleaning, and self-extinguishing from the fire. The color of the curtain can be selected.

  2. Drive motor: Philippe high-end industrial door motor imported from Germany has a long service life and can reach 150,000 working cycles, and it is almost maintenance-free.

  3. Sealing performance: The bottom end is equipped with elastic PVC air-proof cloth or airbag, which can keep tightly integrated with various uneven ground. The doorpost seal adopts double-layer brushes to better increase its sealing performance and noise reduction effect.

  4. Control mode: A variety of manual or automatic system controls are provided to meet the requirements of various on-site door opening or closing methods to meet the different requirements of the production site.

The picture below is the real shot of installation and debugging of the fast rolling door with password swiping card control switch

The fast rolling door products produced by the fast rolling door manufacturer (SEPPES Door Industry) have passed more than 1,000,000 running tests before leaving the factory, and it can guarantee that every door supplied has timely after-sales service. Everywhere a customer appears, there will be Set up a local after-sales maintenance office. So far, SEPPES has hundreds of cooperative after-sales service suppliers. Provide customers with more professional and timely service!

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