The logistics channel is an important route for incoming and outgoing goods in the factory. If the logistics channel is not equipped with doors, dust and mosquitoes will enter the workshop. If you install a door, you must not only consider the function of preventing mosquitoes and dust, but also meet the continuous entry and exit of goods. The following editor will introduce to you the fast rolling door for mosquito prevention in logistics channels.

There is a fast rolling shutter on the market that can be opened and closed frequently and quickly, and a manufacturer of fast rolling shutters-SEPPES Door Industry, uses the principle of different wavelength ranges of human and mosquito visible light, and uses yellow transparent curtains with insect-proof function to make them. This kind of curtain can absorb 99.8% of the visible light of mosquitoes, and the mosquitoes cannot see the light from the curtain, so they will not gather at the opening of the hole. To realize the insect-proof function, just replace the standard curtain with a yellow transparent curtain with insect-proof function.

Fast rolling door

The advantages of the passageway anti-mosquito fast rolling shutters:

  1. Fast opening and closing: The running speed of fast rolling shutters is basically 0.6-1.5m/s, and the highest can reach 2.5m/s; it can quickly cut off, prevent the convection of internal and external air, and help cargo vehicles and personnel to enter quickly, dust, flying insects and objects. Can not enter; automatically closes, saving time.  
  2. Highly sealed: Imported high-performance zipper integrated seal, door curtain gear and guide rail gear are tightly engaged, there is no gap, dust and mosquitoes cannot enter, reaching the level of purification and environmental protection.   
  3. Curtain color: SEPPES door curtains can choose bright and eye-catching colors. Bright colors can repel mosquitoes. The mosquitoes are concentrated in dimly lit areas. For this bright color, mosquitoes stay away and have a good anti-mosquito effect.
  4. Linkage interlock: Double-door combination interlock is used between channels. Based on the above three functions, it helps to improve the blocking effect and connect the controllers of each device; prevent the two doors from opening at the same time, that is, only when the two doors are opened at the same time. After one door is closed, the other door can be opened, so that the effect of dustproof, clean and dust-free is better.

Fast rolling door manufacturers (SEPPES) focus on the production, design and manufacture, sales installation and after-sales service of series of industrial doors such as fast rolling shutters, electric lifting doors, loading and unloading platforms, mechanical door seals, electric rolling doors and cold storage insulation fast doors .

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