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Even in the event of an epidemic, China’s economy developing fast.  Seppes Door Industry (suzhou) Co., Ltd. growth is rapid,too. we have a good deed to have to share with you.we has cooperated with a foreign-enterprises. in the meantime,they bought our automatic high speed shutter door .

Before choosing our Automatic high speed shutter door, they talked with other high speed door manufaturer. (Like dynaco) That is not our luck, because of our high strength. As a high-speed doors’ top supplier in China, SEPPES devote themselves to researching and developing technology. therefore their product can meet the developed countries’s high standards.

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Why can we win Dynaco?

Here are the reasons following reasons:

1. At this stage, due to the severe epidemic in Europe, the factory is in a stage of semi-stop production.they will provide the goods until in 2022. As a country with the fastest economic recovery, Seppes Door Industry (suzhou) Co., Ltd. has achieved good export results as soon as it started exporting in 2021. what’s more,it has already cooperated with many European companies. our first European customer is frome France. Purchased in September 2021. Meanwhile, the customer receives the goods in October 2021. they finish installing and debuging in November .owing to our video and English operation manual . From here, we can provde production quickly, good after-sales service of SEPPES’s automatic pvc fast door.

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2. A client once said their purchased automatic remote fast door .It is very expensive,after-sales service is also a troublesome. After purchasing their industrial automatic fast door, their maintenance cost is not a reasonable price. So it is better to buy a cheap high speed door in China.

Considering all these factors, we win the dynaco,we cooperated with a new foreign company in 2021. we will produce the access control card high-speed door to them, our door is 1.2m/s speed.About curtain meterial we use tear-resistant fiber pvc .It is easy to clean. its best advantages is work efficiency is high and easy entrance. If you also need similar Automatic high speed shutter door, please consult us. Thank you!

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