In the food industry, cold storage is one of the most important aspects of ensuring that food stays fresh and safe. Especially in cold chain logistics, the function of cold storage is crucial. It can ensure that the food maintains a constant temperature throughout the transportation process. And in these cold storages, the freezer door plays a key role. It plays an important role in the environment of minus 18 degrees.

high speed freezer door

Choosing the right freezer door

The production workshop of food is mainly divided into: room temperature area and cold storage area. In order to guarantee that the food will not deteriorate in the production and storage process. The temperature of each workshop should be controlled, so the access door of the workshop must have a heat preservation effect. The workshop heat preservation door in the room temperature area chooses the brush structure of heat preservation fast door. Three layers of PVC door curtain, the middle filled with thermal insulation material, can play a thermal insulation effect. And cold storage is minus 18 degrees. Because minus 18 degrees is going to produce condensation or icing. Due to the lower temperature, the sealing requirement is also higher. Seppes door industry provides is the cold storage insulation fast rolling door is double shaft structure.

Characteristics of freezer high speed door

Isolation of temperature difference between indoor and outdoor

Insulated fast doors can effectively isolate the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the cold room. Temperatures of -18 degrees Celsius require the temperature inside the cold storage to remain stable. To ensure that food is not affected by temperature fluctuations. Insulation fast door through its excellent sealing performance, effectively prevent the cold air leakage to the outside. It also prevents the external temperature from entering the inside of the cold storage. Thus the low temperature environment inside the cold storage is maintained.

Fast opening and closing

Insulated rapid doors are characterized by fast opening and closing. In cold chain logistics, time is the key to food freshness. The rapid opening and closing of the insulated rapid door can reduce the time of temperature fluctuation inside the cold storage. Thus minimizing the time food is exposed to temperature changes. Ensure the quality and safety of food.

Low temperature resistance

Insulated rapid doors are also characterized by low temperature resistance. In the environment of minus 18 degrees, many materials are susceptible to low temperature and lose their original performance. Even appear damaged. The heat preservation fast door adopts a specially treated material with good low temperature resistance. It is able to operate continuously and stably in extreme environments to ensure the normal use of cold storage.

high speed freezer door

Freezer door operation management

The operation and management of the cold storage door control system should focus on the following aspects:

Regular maintenance: regularly maintain the door control system, clean and lubricate the components. Ensure the normal operation of the system.
Temperature monitoring: regularly test the temperature of the environment around the door control system. Ensure that the system operates at a suitable working temperature.
Troubleshooting: establish a sound troubleshooting mechanism. Timely troubleshooting and repair of system failures. Avoid affecting the normal production due to faults.
Operation specification: Train operators and formulate the operation specification of the door control system. Ensure that operators can operate the system correctly and strictly comply with the operating procedures.
Data recording: Record and analyze the operation data of the door control system. Timely detection of problems and improvement and optimization.

To summarize, the high speed freezer door plays a vital role in the cold storage of food workshop. It can not only effectively isolate the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the cold storage, to maintain a constant temperature environment inside the cold storage. It is also able to reduce the time of temperature fluctuation through rapid opening and closing. Ensure the freshness and safety of food. Therefore, in cold chain logistics, it is crucial to choose the right insulation fast door. It will have a direct impact on the quality and safety of the food, which in turn affects the health and trust of consumers.

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