Choosing the right type of door is crucial in the cold chain logistics and cold storage industry. cold storage high speed door and sliding doors are two common choices, each with a range of features and benefits. In this article, we will compare these two types of freezer doors to help you understand which freezer door is better for your cold storage.

freezer Insulation performance

Thermal insulation fast door: Thermal insulation fast door usually consists of multi-layer composite thickened door curtains, filled with thermal insulation and heat preservation materials inside, which can effectively reduce cold air loss and heat conduction. Double rows of brushes or rubber bands within the track card seal, blocking air convection, and promote the effect of heat preservation. It is designed to close quickly to reduce temperature fluctuations, thus maintaining a stable temperature inside the cold storage.

Sliding Doors: Sliding doors have poor insulation properties as they are usually constructed of only a single layer or thin material, which can easily lead to cold air loss and temperature fluctuations. Although there are measures that can be taken to improve their insulation performance, sliding doors are at a significant disadvantage in this respect compared to insulated fast doors.

Conclusion: Insulated fast doors are significantly better than sliding doors in terms of insulation performance.

cold storage high speed door
thermal insulation PVC high speed door

Opening speed

Insulated Rapid Door: As its name suggests, the Insulated Rapid Door opens quickly. It can open and close at speeds of up to 1.2-2.0 m/s. It can respond quickly to operations and open or close. This is very important for frequent access to the cold storage, can minimize cold air loss, improve work efficiency.

Sliding Doors: Sliding doors open relatively slowly, usually at 0.6m/s. They take longer to fully open or close. This can lead to delays in logistical operations and increases the likelihood of cold air loss.

Conclusion: Insulated fast doors are significantly better than sliding doors in terms of opening speed.

cold storage high speed door

Freezer doors Durability and maintenance

Insulated fast doors: Since insulated quick doors are usually made of durable materials. Such as aluminum alloy and 304 stainless steel, they are highly durable and corrosion-resistant. In addition, they are simple in design and relatively easy to maintain.

Sliding doors: The durability of sliding doors depends on the materials used and the manufacturing process. Sliding doors are usually made of materials such as fiberglass and color steel sheets. In general, sliding doors require regular maintenance, such as lubricating the slides and replacing the seals.

Conclusion: Insulated fast doors offer some advantages in terms of durability and maintenance.

(manufacturing, production etc) costs

Insulated fast doors: The cost of insulated fast doors is relatively high due to their complex design and the use of high quality materials.

Sliding door: The cost of sliding door is relatively low because of its simple structure and low material cost.

Conclusion: Sliding doors have the advantage when it comes to cost.

In summary, insulated fast doors and sliding doors have their own advantages and disadvantages. If you have high requirements for insulation performance and opening speed, and have a good budget, then insulated fast doors are a better choice. However, if you are more cost-sensitive and don’t need to open and close the door as often, a sliding door may be a better fit for your cold storage. The final choice of freezer doors depends on your specific needs and budget constraints.

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