For foreign customers we have worked with, we will provide them with a paper high speed door installation manual in English, so that you can quickly install the door and use the door as soon as possible in this special period. Today I will briefly describe the installation steps of seppes high speed doors:
Attention please: All installers must have installation qualifications and ensure that there are no obstacles around the installation position. During commissioning, no personnel and objects are allowed to stand still while the door is running to avoid danger!

high speed door all parts

1.Check if parts and packaging are complete (track,motor,control box,other small parts)
2.Splice the door frame, door head and frame,and tighten them with tools and screws
3.To install the motor, please pay attention to the motor installation position(R or L)
4.Make the lines turn through the track
5.Finish the whole part
6.Fix to the wall and use a power drill to link the track and the metal curtain of the wall.At the top of the door and the bottom.
7.install the infrared sensor
8.Installation and debugging of motor

when it is installed,this is the door body structure

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