SEPPES high speed zipper pvc door is an upgraded product of fast rolling door. The unique zipper guide rail design makes it more sealing and convenient than ordinary fast rolling door. In addition, it also has a very powerful function-automatic reset, this function can effectively solve the problem of the derailment of the door curtain caused by the impact of the forklift. The derailment only needs to be opened and closed again, and the door curtain will automatically reset. Customers or manufacturers are a good thing, manufacturers save a lot of trouble, customers also save trouble.
Now let’s talk about the safety advantages of the zipper fast rolling door.

SEPPES high speed zipper pvc door
SEPEPS high speed zipper pvc door
  1. There is an infrared beaming system under the tracks on both sides. When the door is in the process of falling, if a person or vehicle passes through the doorway, the door immediately rebounds and rises, and the advantage of anti-smashing is obvious.
  2. The whole door uses soft curtains, and the curtains have no hard objects, so you can use them with confidence.
  3. The bottom is safe and soft, and it rebounds when it encounters obstacles, and it is in place safely.
SEPEPS high speed zipper pvc door

The zipper-type fast-rolling door produced by SEPPES, a Suzhou fast-rolling door manufacturer, is technically reliable and stable in the industry. It truly achieves high sealing in a high-clean workshop, reduces air convection in the workshop, and dust-proof isolation plays a great role and guarantee. Especially suitable for areas that require high environmental requirements.

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