AGV trolley refers to a transport vehicle equipped with electromagnetic or optical automatic navigation devices, capable of driving along a prescribed navigation path, with safety protection and various transfer functions. Next, I will tell you how to let the AGV car control the opening and closing of the fast rolling door. First of all, the fast rolling door electronic control system used in the workshop must be able to recognize the unfavorable signal. Only the system that recognizes the unfavorable signal can now be connected to other equipment. However, the general electronic control does not have this operation mode. Here, SEPPES Door Industry is recommended.

Next, to connect the AGV trolley with the signal of the fast rolling door and connect with the AGV center console, three methods can be selected:

1. I/O hard-wiring mode: It is necessary to switch the docking signal between the door and the AGV central control cabinet through a relay, each door has 6 relays, and the I/O signal is placed in the AGV trolley central control cabinet or the remote I/O compartment.

2. Ethernet communication method: the door signal needs to be integrated, and communicate with the AGV car central control via Ethernet

  1. The third method is that the AGV trolley is equipped with a transmitting signal, and the door is equipped with a receiving signal. When the AGV trolley walks to the door, it transmits a signal to the door, and the door can automatically open after receiving the signal. The method realized in this case is The third type is that the AGV trolley in the customer’s workshop is equipped with signal-transmitting and signal-receiving equipment to realize and control the opening and closing of the door. And an antenna is installed on the outside.

At present, more and more production workshops have automated or intelligent equipment. If you want to maximize automation and intelligence, you need to use fast rolling doors with linkage functions. Fast rolling door manufacturers SEPPES Door Industry The door products all adopt the servo system, which can be linked with a variety of equipment. It is small in size, fast in speed, high in efficiency, complete in variety, diverse in styles, and inexpensive. It is a word-of-mouth company recognized by everyone in the industry.

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