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Nowadays, as our technological level improves. Intelligence has penetrated into all walks of life. people are using high speed door increasingly in commercial and industrial applications. Large warehouse supermarkets such as Sam’s, Costco, and IKEA have commonly used high speed door to replace traditional manual rolling shutters. Let’s talk about the factors that we should consider when choosing rapid doors for warehouses and the different types of rapid doors in different scenarios!

Factors to consider when choosing express doors in warehouse supermarkets.

1.Traffic frequency and efficiency requirements

Warehouse-type large-scale supermarkets must face a large number of goods entering and exiting and people flowing every day. Therefore, there are definitely requirements for the opening and closing speed of the doors and the traffic efficiency. Normally, the number of passes in the supermarket warehouse every day ranges from dozens to hundreds. The PVC fast door can meet these two requirements. Users can open the fast door frequently 500-800 times daily;the opening speed reach 2.0m/s, which satisfies the warehouse supermarket demand.

Open and close doors quickly

2.Safety and reliability

Since a large number of people and goods flow.the safety of the door is an issue that we must consider. Choosing a high speed door can also greatly reduce the occurrence of accidents. The door curtain makes itself lighter and the door itself provided with an infrared safety protection device as standard. Our products are also equipped with stable control systems and servo motors. The door curtain can operate normally without malfunction. Customers can choose a zipper fast door with a safety bottom edge and anti-collision reset function to provide safety for users.

Infrared photoelectric

3.Durability and usage environment

Warehouse supermarkets usually operate in a 24/7 mode. If the durability of the fast door is not good enough, it will have a great impact on the operating efficiency. The interior of the door curtain contains anti-breakage fibers, and the surface is spray-molded so that the fast door can operate stably for a long time in various environments. Due to the diversification of goods in warehouse-type supermarkets, various types of goods are stored in different ways, and the internal temperatures and humidity of various warehouses are also different. Therefore, there are high  requirements for the thermal insulation performance and some waterproof and moisture-proof properties of the selected fast door, and the PVC fast door can meet these two requirements.Not only that, the fast door also has good dust-proof and insect-proof capabilities and sound insulation resistance ability.

Strong Door Curtain


Currently, many suppliers on the market still uses old control systems, which are inconvenient to operate and not user-friendly enough. SEPPES products all adopt the control system of the German Felipe brand to achieve intelligent automation. Our control system supports switching between Chinese and English at any time, which greatly facilitates user operations. All operations are visualized instead of traditional code display; our control box is IP54 dustproof and waterproof and has a variety of ports reserved in the box to facilitate external connection with other devices. Linkage equipment.

Intelligent control system

5.after-sale warranty

There are many types of PVC fast doors on the market, but it is very important to choose a reliable supplier. Our SEPPES products have a number of core product technologies and have passed EU CE, international SGS and ISO9001 quality management system certification; we provide installation and debugging guidance and the products have a one-year warranty. Not only that, when customers purchase our high-quality products, we must also ensure that customers can get excellent after-sales service. The service tenet of the SEPPES  is “one door, one code, lifelong service.”Customers can find us in any time if they have any product problems. Products for both export and domestic sales are covered by China Ping An Insurance’s 15 million yuan product insurance, allowing customers to use them with peace of mind.


Warehouse supermarkets can choose different types of rapid doors in different application scenarios.

1.Clean room zipper fast door

The zipper fast door has a unique guide rail zipper design and an integrated sealed door body, which can minimize energy consumption loss while improving the efficiency of entry and exit of personnel and goods. Not only that, this product also has anti-collision reset and safety bottom edge safety protection devices; the door curtain has a self-cleaning function; if there is a higher demand for cleanliness, a non-contact switch can be installed. The door frame is made of 304 stainless steel to avoid corrosion of the door frame in high humidity environments. This product is suitable for environments with high levels of cleanliness, such as supermarket food manufacturing workshops or medical supplies workshops.

clean room roll up doors
roll up doors clean room

2.Thermal insulation fast door

The thermal insulation rapid door adopts a multi-layer composite thickened door curtain. The internal filling of thermal insulation material can greatly reduce heat transfer. It adopts a track-type sealing structure to prevent air convection and promote thermal insulation. The curtain has built-in aluminum alloy profiles, which have excellent wind resistance and impact resistance. The door frame material is 304 stainless steel which is corrosion-resistant and easy to clean. It is very suitable for use in cold storage environments. It comes standard with an infrared safety anti-pinch protection device. The bottom edge of the SEPPES patented wireless airbag is optional. Customer can also installed a A rail heating system to prevent Condensation freezes. Thermal insulation rapid doors are suitable for use in ordinary refrigerated areas or special environments. Such as supermarket cold storage, chilled products or pharmaceutical storage warehouses.

cold storage high speed door
thermal insulation PVC high speed door

3.spiral fast door

Turbine hard fast door is a metal industrial door that integrates thermal insulation, energy saving, wind resistance and environmental protection. 0.7mm thick double-layer aluminum alloy door panel, filled with high-density polyurethane foam in the middle, with a total door panel thickness of 40mm. It also has very good anti-theft properties. The hard fast door uses servo motor to ensure the stable operation of the door. Usually the door opening method is a double-sided manual button. Optional opening methods such as radar, geomagnetic, pull rope, remote control, Bluetooth, card access control, etc. In the event of a power outage, the hard door It comes standard with a manual release device. We also provide UPS reserve power supply. The standard wind resistance level of the hard fast door is level 10; the standard safety protection device includes a light curtain on the inside of the track and an airbag device at the bottom. Suitable for installation at the exit of industrial equipment such as industrial buildings, factories, warehouses, workshops, garages, etc.

high speed spiral door
high speed spiral door

Finally, when choosing a rapid door. A warehouse supermarket should consider frequency,safety,reliability,durability,intelligence and after-sales service as factors. After comprehensive consideration, choose the most satisfactory product for warehouse supermarket.

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