As we all know, different slogans can bring unique effects to people, so the fast door is the same. The industrial door industry will design fast doors with different process characteristics for different production industries. Then, among so many types of fast doors, how to choose a fast door suitable for your own enterprise? The following editor will take you to buy together.

high speed door

In terms of functional characteristics, fast doors can be divided into explosion-proof fast doors, cold storage fast doors, wind resistant fast doors, induction fast doors, etc. Each type of fast door has different functional characteristics and different materials. When purchasing fast doors, you should choose according to the production characteristics of the company.

high speed zipper door

For example, if you are a flammable and explosive manufacturer of painting, textiles, chemicals, etc., then it is recommended to buy fast doors with explosion-proof functions;

Explosion-proof high speed door

another example is the food industry, Pharmacy, chemical industry and other manufacturers that need constant temperature and pest control, then it is recommended to buy fast doors for cold storage with insulation.

high speed cold storage door

The door is a bridge connecting indoor and outdoor spaces, and various factors must be taken into consideration when purchasing. Choosing Xilang Door Industry as your purchase consultant will provide you with more professional services, and we are waiting for your visit.

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