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Due to the large size of the sectional garage doors itself and the large amount of hardware, it must be maintained frequently to maintain its durability. The wire rope needs regular inspection and maintenance, because the wire rope is one of the main parts that pull the door body up and down. We need to check whether the wire rope is firm, whether there are exposed burrs, broken wires, cracks, etc. Must be in good working order.

sectional garage doors

Sectional garage doors Spring

The spring is the main balance configuration for the balance of the entire door body and must be kept in good condition at all times. It is necessary to regularly check whether the spring wire has cracks, whether it is separated from the spring fixing seat, and whether the spring bolts are loose.

Rails and Pulleys

Guide rails and pulleys are the supports and guides to ensure the lift operation of the door body. Although the door body is balanced by a torsion spring balance system, if there is an obstruction, it will bring a large load to the motor, causing unnecessary failures and risks. It is necessary to clean the guide rails daily to avoid sundries hindering the operation of the door.

Screws and sealing strips

The protection device of the steel wire rope to prevent the door body from falling and the guide rail installation and adjustment plate, the tightness of the screws on the top is related to the safety of the entire door, so it must be kept in a tight working state. The sealing system is composed of the left and right upper three side seals and the bottom seal. Its quality is related to the size of the indoor temperature loss coefficient. It needs to be kept clean regularly to prevent it from being hit or damaged by its external force.

sectional garage doors

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