oversized industrial sectional door

The Oversized Factory Sectional Lifting Door are mostly used in large mines, machinery manufacturing workshops and other places,because of a large installation environment . Today let me (Seppes) introduce it to you. Look, the technical parameters and performance characteristics of the Oversized Factory Sectional Lifting Door as belows:

One part:What parts does it consist of?

It is mainly composed of door panel, hardware, balance system, drive system, etc. It is a kind of electric door. when it is connected to electricity, its movement track is to slowly lift up or slide down.

How is door panel?

It has good thermal insulation effect, which is mainly reflected in the door panel’s material and sealing.

(1)material:Using polyurethane sandwich thermal insulation foam board, door use the integral built-in frame structure to meet the better thermal insulation standards. what’s more,The thickness of the board is 100mm, the double-sided color steel plate is 0.5mm, and the density of the polyurethane foam sandwich board is 60kg/m3. The surface of the door body is smooth and beautiful, without obvious nail marks and unevenness.

(2) sealing:The bottom of the door body is sealed, and the side seal adopts EPDM rubber seal. It has excellent heat resistance, aging resistance, resilience, insulation properties and low temperature resistance, and the service life is 15 years.

How is the balance system?

Balance system: it is composed of counterweight, transmission wheel, steel wire rope wheel, etc.

(1) Counterweight: It is made of cast iron and machined to keep the same weight as the door body.

(2) Transmission wheel: It is made of 45# steel material, machined and processed, built-in high-quality bearings, high strength, and meets the requirements of use.

(3) Steel wire rope: high-quality anti-winding steel wire rope with a safety factor of 5.

How is the Hardware?

Hardware: All hardware including rails, auxiliary rails, steel wire ropes, rollers, breakers, etc., are firmly installed and run smoothly.

(1) Track: The sliding track adopts our company’s special slideway for cold forming.

(2). Auxiliary rail: Our company’s special structure for cold forming.

(3) The roller adopts an industrial type pulley to run smoothly, without noise, and with high strength.

(4) The steel wire rope adopts high-quality elevator special rope, which is resistant to wear, low elongation and high tensile strength.

oversized sectional door

How is the Drive system?

Drive system: It is composed of motor, control box, etc.

(1) Motor: Use high-quality domestic Red Sunshine motor, working power supply: three-phase 380 V10% (50HZ) AC power supply; (using three-phase five-wire system) power supply. Motor power: 0.75KW.

(2) Control box: The centralized control system of the super-large sectional lifting door can realize the free control of opening, stopping, and emergency stop of the Oversized Factory Sectional Lifting Door, and can realize the accurate positioning of the door.

(3) The Oversized Factory Sectional Lifting Door adopts multiple limit protections, with limit protections such as door opening over limit, door opening limit, door closing over limit limit, door closing limit limit and other limit protections. When the drive motor is over-current or overloaded, the Oversized Factory Sectional Lifting Door control system will automatically protect it, and the Oversized Factory Sectional Lifting Door will stop running. The control system and the Oversized Factory Sectional Lifting Door have good grounding protection, and the grounding resistance is ≤4Ω.

One-button automatic lifting: When the open button is pressed, the three sections of the door are lifted upwards at the same time to fully open. When the close button is pressed, the three-stage doors descend at the same time until they are completely closed. To

Two part:What’s the technical requirements of it?

Appearance quality

1) Welding requirements: the welding should be firm, the solder joints should be evenly distributed, and the solder joints should be treated with rust prevention. False welding and burn-through phenomena are not allowed. The plug welding part of the outer surface should be polished smoothly.

2) The surface of all metal components should be treated with anti-corrosion treatment, and the painted parts should have anti-rust primer.

3) Spraying requirements: The surface should be sprayed with anti-rust primer, and the paint layer should be even, flat, and smooth, and there should be no piles of paint, pitting, bubbles, missing coating, and flow.

4) The door leaf and the surface of the door leaf have no obvious irregularities, scratches and other defects.

Appearance size of Oversized Factory Sectional Lifting Door body

Allowable tolerance range height 0~-5mm; width ±5mm; diagonal: ±8mm, horizontal and vertical

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