Sealed fast doors for clean room medical workshops

The clean room can be divided into ten thousand, one hundred thousand, million and other levels. Such as ISO 5/7/8/9. Different levels of high speed door  are required for different production industries as the indoor doors of the partition workshop.SEPPES Door Industry can produce million-level high speed door , which can reduce the chance of convection with outdoor air through high-speed opening and closing, and achieve the effect of dust and insect prevention.

high speed door

 The structural characteristics of the zipper high speed door :

1. Open and close: open: 2.4 m/s, close: 1.2 m/s.

Self-repair: When the zipper high speed door is hit, the door is equipped with an automatic repair system for derailment, without any manual restoration. It can minimize the downtime and maintenance cost of the door. The national patent-level “Rack and Pinion Drive” technology is a unique drive system.

2. High air tightness: The patented track technology achieves high air tightness, reduces heat loss and achieves maximum energy saving, while abandoning the traditional blade and brush sealing system.

3. Thorough safety: The curtain part of the entire zipper high speed door  does not have any hard materials. The WDD wireless anti-pinch device can ensure the safe operation of the door, which has an emergency escape system.

4. Door opener: The motor driven by the frequency converter can ensure the smooth and smooth operation of the door. This technology can ensure that the door starts and stops slowly, thereby prolonging the life of the motor.

5. Control box: A powerful control system and a rich interface with expandable functions can meet the needs of customers for different control functions and automatic functions of the door to the greatest extent.

6. Energy saving: Energy saving has been achieved in two key aspects. First of all, the unique design of opening and closing the door shortens the door opening and closing cycle, which can greatly reduce the entry of warm and humid air, thereby improving the efficiency of production. Second, the patented technology of SEPPES Door Industry provides the best trajectory for the entire door. Tightly sealed.

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