Yesterday, our SEPPES door industry fast rolling door was installed in a new workshop project of a Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. The customer felt that the black door frame was good-looking, so he requested that the color of the door frame paint need to be changed to black. This is true for some manufacturers. It’s a headache, but for us, it’s not a problem. Our fast rolling doors can not only customize the black paint color of the door frame, but also customize the blue paint color, or replace the door frame with stainless steel or galvanized material. Customers can choose different door frame materials and colors according to the needs of the scene.

A good fast rolling door needs to meet the following three points:

  1. the appearance of the product: A good appearance will not only affect the beauty of the plant, but also affect the mood of the user. There are many fast rolling door manufacturers on the market. Although the appearance of the product looks similar, in fact, a closer inspection will reveal Some manufacturers have a good deal of details.
  2. product quality: Many fast rolling door manufacturers have a wide range of products, and customers think that most of the high-quality products are foreign brands, but foreign brands are expensive, and some companies cannot accept them.
  3. the after-sales service of the product: This seems a very common problem, but it is the fault of some small workshops and foreign brands. Some small workshops on the market use very cheap prices to entice customers to buy. At this time, customers do not know that they are already on the market. When, not only the product experience is greatly reduced, but the product’s after-sales service is not directly available. Instead of regretting it, it is better to stop it in time. Some people may not understand why the after-sales service of foreign brands is poor. In fact, there are many domestic manufacturers that counterfeit foreign brands, using counterfeit products and poor service. These manufacturers should be resisted by everyone. Real foreign brands are often complained by customers due to problems such as high prices and slow after-sales.

The above three points are fully satisfied by our SEPPES Door Industry. First, our door frame adopts an automatic laser construction integrated molding process, no splicing marks, imported plastic powder spraying, and the whole is more beautiful and atmospheric, and the detachable wind-resistant ribs The door curtain is divided into three pieces, and which piece is broken can be replaced, which is more economical and attractive than a whole door curtain. Second, many core components of our products are imported brands, such as German brand control boxes, French brand door curtains, Japanese brand photoelectric, etc., and we will do our best to make products with low prices and excellent quality for customers. Third, we have 60+ service outlets across the country, and our staff provide 7*24 hours of all-round service and respond quickly, so that customers can enjoy the after-sales service they deserve. Therefore, to choose a good fast rolling door, choose SEPPES Door Industry.

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