Recently, a domestic environmental protection equipment company completed the installation of 2.0 Protective speed door in the equipment cleaning workshop. IWhen cleaning is to prevent rust, specially chosen as 304 stainless steel frame. Specially thickened curtain, when the cleaning apparatus to prevent an internal chemical cleaning substance discharge. 2.0 rotective speed door is designed for protection in these areas and the development of functional products. It is also a necessary door for companies with high production safety and environmental standards.

SEPPES Protective speed door

The SEPPES 2.0 Protective speed door has five characteristics:
   European industrial-grade safety protection standards.

   2. Frame
   Aluminum alloy material integrated frame, beautiful and generous.

  3. Thicken
  Special thickened door curtain, strong, durable and impact resistant.

   4. High speed
  Equipped with a German dedicated servo control system, the door opening speed can be as high as 1.5-2m/s.

   5. Security
An optional extended safety light curtain airbags and technology company specializing in the bottom, enough security.


SEPPES has done many fast rolling door projects for car partitions. With thoughtful products and services, we have gained many excellent reputations. More than 60 Fortune 500 companies, including Geely, Procter & Gamble and Huawei choose us.

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