PVC rapid roller door

The pvc fast door can be configured with a variety of opening control methods. Customers can choose the opening method of the pvc high speed door according to the actual needs. Instead of choosing the more the better, avoid spending more money and causing unnecessary waste. In addition to the standard manual button to open, there are the following control methods.

pvc fast door

Pvc fast door opening method

Fast door radar

Suitable for passages that require frequent entry and exit of vehicles and personnel. Intelligent induction automatically opens and closes without human operation.


When a metal object passes through the induction area of ​​the geomagnetic induction coil, such as a vehicle or other equipment, when a person pushes or pulls the metal vehicle, the door can be automatically opened.

Manual pull rope

set a pull rope at a certain distance from the door, the forklift driver drives the forklift to the pull rope switch, pulls the pull rope, and the door opens automatically.

Remote control

Press the remote control to open the door.

Double-door interlocking

linkage interlocking, which is mostly used for workshop doors, workshop doors and access doors with high dust-free levels. The automatic opening of the door can be completed by connecting to the automatic trigger sensor device (such as radar, geomagnetic ring sensor, etc.).

pvc fast door

The above are several common opening methods. SEPPES is equipped with more than ten door opening methods for pvc fast door products and a number of intelligent expansion functions such as equipment linkage, door opening and closing delay, remote communication, etc., to realize the automatic opening and closing operation of the product. If you want to know more, please contact our SEPPES professional technical guidance and solutions.

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