PVC rapid door

In the automobile manufacturing workshop, in the welding, assembly, spraying, grinding and other production processes of the car body, spraying is the most special in automobile manufacturing. Not only because of its technology and materials, but also because the coating has stricter environmental requirements. The quality of the painting environment will directly affect the product quality. So a kind of purification equipment is needed to effectively isolate the spraying workshop from the external environment. The function of the PVC rapid door just meets the relevant requirements of the spraying workshop, so it has become an irreplaceable important equipment for the spraying workshop.

PVC rapid door
fast door

Advantages of PVC Rapid Door in Automotive Painting Workshops

Heat insulation

PVC high-strength door curtain is selected, and the door frame is equipped with double rows of brushes. Not only is it dust-proof and insect-proof, but it also has excellent thermal insulation and heat insulation properties. Effectively maintain the original temperature and cleanliness of the internal space and save energy consumption.

Open quickly

The door curtain can be opened frequently, and the opening speed can reach 2m/s at the fastest. It can prevent external air pollution from entering, isolate the workshop environment. And ensure that the spraying quality is not affected by changes in temperature and humidity. At the same time, it can also solve the management problems of personnel or goods in and out, and improve work efficiency.


The standard safety photoelectric protection device triggers a rebound, which can protect the safety of people or objects in time. The bottom edge of the airbag and the light curtain can also be selected to enhance safety protection.

PVC rapid door

The PVC rapid door has a good thermal insulation effect, strong sealing, and can well block pollution, dust, etc. It is not only well used in the automotive industry, but also widely used in various fields. If you want high-quality fast doors, you can find a professional industrial door brand SEPPES. SEPPES has a number of product patent technologies and has passed the EU CE certification, and has relevant project experience in Foton Motor, Geely Automobile, etc. PVC rapid doors are products worth choosing, which can improve efficiency, keep clean and secure, and ensure stable production in the workshop without worrying about product quality being affected.

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