Yesterday, SEPPES installed a pvc roller shutter in the warehouse of a pharmaceutical company in Taizhou. The room temperature finished product warehouse temperature should be controlled in the range of 10~30℃. The installation of fast rolling doors in the finished product warehouse can isolate the internal and external environments. It has the function of preventing insects and dust and keeping the internal temperature. Due to its fast switch function, it can effectively prevent the entry of dust. Fully sealed to reduce internal temperature loss. The automatic induction opening method can realize fully automatic switching. It is convenient to carry medicines in and out. Therefore, it is very suitable for finished product warehouse installation.

Compared with many pvc roller shutter manufacturers on the market, SEPPES pays more attention to the selection of product materials. Swiss brand PVC door curtain, German brand control system, Japanese brand safety photoelectric, etc. Many improvements have also been made in the production process. We can provide customers with comprehensive after-sales service.

SEPPES has many years of industry experience. More than 2000 customers choose us. Cooperate with more than 60 Fortune 500 companies including Geely, Procter & Gamble and Logitech. Cooperation cases are all over the world. The products are also exported to more than 20 countries including the Philippines, Indonesia and France. Choose high speed door, choose SEPPES.

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