There are many ways to open the fast rolling door. The conventional ones are manual button switches and automatic induction switches. Automatic induction switches are also divided into: radar induction, infrared induction, geomagnetic induction, swipe card induction, etc., which can meet the needs of different environments. Today, we mainly introduces the induction principle of Suzhou fast rolling door.

The radar sensing in the automatic switch mainly relies on the sensor probe. It is like an eye. It senses pedestrians or moving objects through the probe, converts this signal into a passive dry contact short-circuit signal and transmits it to the fast rolling door controller, thereby realizing the automatic opening of the fast rolling door. If you want to be able to automatically turn on when vehicles pass by, but also to allow pedestrians to pass, then choose the radar sensing method.

Radar induction, also known as microwave induction, is based on the Doppler effect and adopts the most advanced planar antenna, which can effectively suppress the interference of high-order harmonics and other clutter, with high sensitivity, strong reliability, safety and convenience, intelligent energy saving, It is also a popular control method in the automatic induction of fast rolling doors.

Each switch mode of Suzhou fast rolling door has its own unique advantages. In the actual use process, we can choose one or more combinations of control methods according to our needs, so as to achieve more convenient and fast use.

Places where different types of fast rolling doors are adapted
Fast rolling doors are becoming more and more common now. SEPPES also shared a lot of knowledge about fast rolling doors. If you still have unclear friends, you can find articles about Suzhou fast rolling doors on the official website of SEPPES Door Industry. You can learn more about it . Fast door is a general term for fast industrial doors, which includes many types, such as: ordinary fast rolling door, zipper fast rolling door, cold storage fast rolling door, hard fast rolling door, stacked fast rolling door, etc. Today Explanation: Places where different types of fast rolling doors are adapted.

Generally speaking, the ordinary workshop places that only need to open quickly. The first choice for fast rolling doors is definitely cheap. Ordinary roller-type fast rolling doors can help customers to isolate the passage, and the opening and closing speed of fast rolling doors can reach 1 meter. More than a second, it can fully meet the needs of ordinary workshops, and the price of ordinary roller-type fast rolling doors is also the most economical one of the fast rolling doors.

And some workshops with high requirements for air cleanliness need to install zipper fast rolling doors. The track and curtain of the zipper fast rolling doors are completely attached to each other. Compared with ordinary fast rolling doors, the sealing performance of the zipper fast rolling doors Even better, the price of the zipper door is much higher than that of the ordinary fast rolling door, but the performance is really good. It has the function of anti-collision and automatic reset. The cost performance is still acceptable. Customers and friends can choose according to their own conditions.

Generally, there is wind pressure at the outdoor openings of the building. At this time, stacking fast rolling doors should be installed. Built-in steel pipes and aluminum alloy profiles can be added to the curtain of the stacking door, so that the wind pressure can be evenly distributed on the whole curtain, and the wind resistance effect Much higher than ordinary fast rolling doors, stacked fast rolling doors can be opened frequently and quickly, with good wind resistance, and are especially suitable for logistics channels and large-area outdoor doors.

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