In today’s industrial production, clean room is being an indispensable part of improving product quality and production efficiency. Especially in the pharmaceutical, food and electronics industries, the requirements for cleanliness are more stringent. The special zipper rapid door for clean room is a key equipment, which meets the 100,000 grade GMP clean standard and provides a reliable guarantee for the clean and efficient entry and exit of the workshop.

Zipper rapid door to meet Class 100,000 GMP standards

Meet the 100,000 GMP cleanliness standards

This standard means that the number of suspended particles in the air in the workshop is strictly controlled below 100,000 per cubic meter. That is to say, it has reached the C level standard. This type of workshop has frequent entry and exit. Choosing GMP-compliant products can effectively improve the efficiency of entry and exit.

clean room roll up doors
roll up doors clean room

Curtain clean and sealed

In order to ensure the cleanliness of the door body, the surface of the door curtain adopts a special coating, utilizing the principle of automatic sliding down of lotus leaf water droplets, so that the door body is always clean. At the same time, the door track is sealed with rubber strips, which has a good sealing effect and effectively prevents dust and mosquito infestation.

roll up doors clean room
roll up doors clean room

Human-machine communication interface

The door body has human-machine communication interface intelligent control system, which supports radar induction, remote control, access control, face recognition and other induction methods. In addition, the door body can also accept signals to realize the linkage control with AGV, robots and other equipment. It further improves the operational efficiency of the workshop. The door body can automatically sense the approach of people or vehicles. Without manual operation, it can open quickly to save time and cost. And the door body can also be linked with other equipment. Such as air shower room, air curtain machine, etc., to improve the overall clean effect.

pvc high speed door

high quality steel door frame

The door body is made of high quality materials, with an average service life of up to ten years. It with a reset wheel on the track side, which can automatically reset once derailment occurs. This improves the fault tolerance of the door body. The stable operation status reduces the maintenance cost.Stable operation status reduces the maintenance cost.

As an important equipment for modern clean workshop, zipper fast door provides an important guarantee for clean and efficient entry and exit of workshop with its efficient and reliable performance. If you have interest in this product, welcome to consult us Seppes Door Industry. We will provide you with reasonable door solutions.

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