What is a clean room? The dust-free workshop is to control the pressure, humidity, temperature, etc. in the air to certain indicators, so that the space environment meets certain production conditions. The clean room is divided into different standards according to the level of cleanliness. Class 10 is a high-level purification project, suitable for precision and micro-electronic technology industries. Grade 100 is a common grade and is used in aseptic manufacturing in the pharmaceutical industry. Class 1000 is used in the production of miniature shafts and optics. Class 10000 is used in the production of hydraulic equipment or food and beverages. Class 100000 is used in many industrial fields. Class 1000000 has a low degree of purification and is mainly used in printing plants, packaging plants and other industries. Most of the above areas can be installed with new high-speed doors to maintain internal workshop cleanliness requirements. Because the sealing, dust-proof, insect-proof, sound insulation, odor isolation, and other functions of the high-speed door can meet the needs of daily work. If you want to install quick roll up doors, you can look at the SEPPES brand of quick roll up doors.

quick roll up doors

Compared with many manufacturers in the industry, SEPPES has a relatively mature manufacturing level. SEPPES adopts advanced fully automatic mechanized laser construction integrated forming technology to fold the whole cold-rolled steel plate into the door body. Precisely control the size of the door, and the door body is not easy to change. Much more accurate than manual welding. The imported plastic powder coating frame will not fall off after ten years of use. The appearance looks more atmospheric and beautiful. Important components such as door curtains, electric controls, and optoelectronics are all brand names. The door curtain is clean and impact-resistant, and the electronic control is intelligent and safe. The high-speed door installed by SEPPES ten years ago is still working normally, so the quality can be completely assured.

quick roll up doors

SEPPES focuses on the technical development, design and manufacture, and after-sales service of nearly 70 products of industrial high speed doors, sectional doors, spiral doors. Has 15 authoritative product standard certifications. With nearly 20 patents for various inventions and technologies, with leading professional products and good brand reputation. SEPPES has become a partner of more than 60 Fortune 500 companies such as IKEA, Logitech, and AkzoNobel.

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