fast rolling shutter door

In the automobile manufacturing industry, the safety protection fast rolling shutter door of robot arm workstation is an essential equipment. In the auto body production workshop, the welding, assembly, spraying, grinding and other production processes of the body. When the robot arm workstation performs automatic processing, the arm will often be accidentally hurt by the fixture. To prevent similar events, the fast rolling shutter door needs to have safety protection function when in use, and is equipped with a number of safety protection devices. In order to meet these requirements, I found a safety protection fast rolling shutter door designed for the robot workshop.

fast rolling shutter door

Advantages of Safety Protection Fast Rolling Shutter Door

Two kinds of safety protection devices

An airbag is installed at the bottom of the curtain, and a slight impact of the door on an object on the way down will cause the curtain to stop and reverse upward. The lower part of the door frame can also be equipped with safety photoelectric, the curtain will stop immediately when people or objects in the lower part of the curtain to block the photoelectric.

Fully transparent design

Most robot production workshops will choose to install fully transparent curtain rolling doors. Compared with ordinary high speed doors, fully transparent curtains can clearly see the internal and external conditions. While ordinary high speed door only have small transparent Windows, limited vision, not as good as fully transparent curtains, can observe the situation of the workshop and respond to emergencies in time.

Specially thickened curtain

2mm specially thickened curtain for fast PVC rolling shutter door for safety protection. Not only strong impact resistance, but also has high thermal insulation and heat insulation performance. Fast door good thermal insulation performance, can effectively prevent the loss of air, save energy consumption.

fast rolling shutter door
rapid rise door

SEPPES has installed related robot workshop projects in Foton Automobile, Geely Auto, etc. With a number of products core technology and through the EU CE and the international authority SGS certification. SEPPES safety protection fast rolling shutter door is a kind of protective fast door products, specially reinforced strong curtain, fully transparent design, double safety protection device, is specially developed for the use of robot workshop, welding equipment room and other areas of functional products. But also pay attention to production safety and high standards of production environment of the enterprise factory necessary equipment.

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